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Join the BlockWallScanIR Network

United Infrared is looking for building technicians of all types:

  • Infrared Thermographers
  • Building Inspectors
  • Building /Masonry Contractors
  • Home Inspectors
  • Others with a strong knowledge of masonry construction

We need qualified thermographers to expand our nationwide network. As a member of United Infrared, you will receive professional guidance, discounts on training and equipment, and the sales and marketing resources you need to succeed. As a Certified Infrared Thermographer trained in BlockWallScanIR, you become part of the UI BlockWallScanIR network.


This is what is included:

  • Sophisticated national marketing campaign
  • Leads by territory
  • Customized training seminars
  • Advertising documents and videos that you can use and customize
  • Legal documents for  IR surveying (report template, invoicing and disclaimers, etc.)


How do I join the United Infrared network?

To learn more about United Infrared, membership, and training modules including EnergyScanIR™, EquineIR ™, BlockWallScanIR ™, RoofScanIR ™, and MoistureScanIR ™, please visit the United Infrared website.

To purchase membership, training, and equipment, please visit the United Infrared online store.